FAQs for Career Counselling

There are so many colleges and universities in India. How do you decide where to apply?

Research your options and define your priorities. Contact AdmissionLelo advising center nearest you and browse university/college search engines online.

What is the difference between a college and a University?

A College has limited programs and university has multiple programs.

Are there any age limitations to attend Indian Universities?

In general, you must have completed senior school and senior secondary school.

What is the academic calendar for universities in India?

The academic year usually runs from August through May. Most universities use the semester system in two terms.

What is the difference between Undergraduate and Graduate degree?

Undergraduate programs follow high school and lead to an associate (three-year) degree or a bachelor (four-year) degree. Graduate programs follow a bachelor’s degree and lead to a master’s or doctoral degree.

What are the different types of graduate degrees?

You can do graduate program in Engineering, Law, Business and commerce, Pharmacy, Medical, Designing, Mass communication and many more.

Is it possible to obtain a bachelor’s and masters’ at the same time?

Yes, but they are highly selective and require a heavy course load across a total of five or six years of study.

What is the length of study for master’s programs in India?

MBA programs are generally completed within 2 years.

How can I find out which universities are rated best for a specific academic major?<

Refer to college and university guides to find which institutions are known for excellence in different fields of study.

Where is AdmissionLelo located?

Address is : 57 Manjusha Building, 605 6th floor Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019, India.

How can a career counsellor help me with my problem?

Talking with a supportive counsellor who is not directly involved in the situation provides an opportunity to:

  • To share your feelings and think things through
  • Identify your strengths
  • Develop new skills for dealing with life changes and challenges
  • Personal, academic and career exploration
Are there any charges for counselling?


Any documents are required?

Academic documents, Scholarship documents(If any) Sports documents (If any)

How I can book an appointment for the counselling?

Though online, offline, Telephone, personal visit.

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  • What Our Students Says

    Throughout my 4 years of engineering, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed in a big MNC, with a good package. My sincere appreciation & gratitude to the AdmissionLelo for their support and better counselling, this would not be possible without them

    Sumit Roy Regular Student
  • What Our Students Says

    It gives me pride to share that I completed my post-graduation and got a Marketing job. The two years spent here have helped me to grow better professionally & personally in every sphere of life and all thanks to Admissionlelo team for helping me to choose the right college.

    Feroz Ali Regular Student
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